How to set up and conduct a WhatsApp video conference - Tip

 WhatsApp is probably the most used messenger app worldwide, so it only makes sense to use it for video conferencing with your friends or business partners.

WhatsApp has implemented a feature to help you start and conduct a video conference.


In the following step-by-step instructions, we would like to explain how to set up and conduct a video conference. Please proceed as follows:

WhatsApp Video Conference Setup Step-by-Step

1.            Open WhatsApp on your smartphone.

2.            Now select a contact to be included in the video conference.

3.            Now start the video call, as usual with this contact, by clicking on the camera icon at the top.

4.            You can now add more contacts to the videoconference by selecting the corresponding icon in the upper right corner of the video call.

5.            Proceed in this way for all participants you want to add to the videoconference.

Please note that currently the video conference in WhatsApp is limited to a maximum of four participants. Yourself plus three other participants.

Now you know the video conferencing feature of WhatsApp and how to set it up and run it.


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