How to transfer contacts from Android to iPhone?

The two operating systems Android and iOS (iPhone) are different in many ways. So it is difficult to exchange data between these two operating systems.


When you are now faced with the task of transferring your contacts from Android to the iPhone, you will certainly want to know which is the best way to do it. Because synchronizing contacts across your devices is an indispensable feature for a smartphone.

Below we describe in our guide how to transfer contacts from an Android smartphone to the iPhone using a Google account.

However, you can change this and also synchronize the contacts of your Google Account. But how? Here we will answer that. Just follow this article and enable real-time contact synchronization between your Android device and iPhone.

Transfer contacts from Android to iPhone in real time - Here's how it works

Step 1: Add your Google Account on iPhone

First you have to set up the Google account, which is synchronized with your Android device, on the iPhone. To do so, open it:

  • Settings --> Passwords & Accounts --> Add account

Now select "Google" in the list of possible accounts and tap Next. Then enter your access data and select the data you want to synchronize. The selection should include "Contacts". But you can also synchronize the calendar, emails, notes, etc.

After you save, your Google Account will be added to this iPhone.

Step 2: Activate Gmail as a contact account

After adding your Google Account in step 1, switch to it as your contacts account.

Open on the iPhone:

  • Settings --> Contacts --> Standard accounts

Select Gmail instead of iCloud.

Step 3: Contact Synchronization

Synchronization is now done automatically in the background when an Internet connection is available. You should now be able to see all contacts on your iPhone that are also stored on your Android smartphone.

The synchronization of your contacts was hopefully easy with this guide and we wish you a lot of fun with your smartphone.


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