How to use the editor chat in Google Docs - Tutorial




Google Docs has an integrated editor chat function which allows people who have access to a document file to chat with each other via text message. This function is available in all online office programs of Google.


This makes it possible for people to chat about a Google Docs document. This makes it easier to edit documents, especially when several people are working on them at the same time.

If you have not used the function yet, this guide will help you step by step:

How to use the editor chat in Google Docs

The chat feature will only appear next to the "Share" option in Google Docs & Spreadsheets if you share the file with one or more people with editing access. If this requirement is met, you can now proceed as follows to chat with your colleagues

1. navigate to the grey chat bubble

2. type your message in the field and press Enter to send your chat message

3. the other people with editing access to the document file now see a red dot in the chat bubble, which means that there is an unread message

It is important to know that the chats are not saved permanently. If you close the browser or the tab, the chat messages will have disappeared and cannot be restored.

Now you know the chat function in Google Docs and how to use it when you are working on a document with several users at the same time.


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