How to use the Samsung Galaxy S20 QR Code Scanner? Solved

QR Codes can be found on every corner these days. Be it in magazines, posters, business cards, job ads, W-Lan routers and much more. QR stands for Quick Reaction and comprises a special barcode, which is arranged in a square and contains text information.


Such a QR code can be read with a special reader. This reader is your smartphone, in this case the Samsung Galaxy S20. You only need a suitable app to capture the QR Codes via the camera.

Such an app is already available on the Samsung Galaxy S20 and we would like to show you here how you can use the QR Code Scanner on your smartphone with it:

Scanning QR Codes - Instructions for the Samsung Galaxy S20

There are different methods, which we would like to introduce to you here:

Using QR Codes Scanner via status bar

1. Pull the status bar into the display from above with two fingers.

2. Search for the QR - Toggle (button)

3. Touch the toggle and the camera opens with a square in the middle

4. Align the square with the QR Code

The QR Code will now be scanned directly from your Samsung Galaxy S20 and then the text content will be output, a new contact will be created, W-Lan networks will be connected etc. Depending on what info is hidden behind the QR Code.

This is the easiest way to scan a QR Code with the Samsung Galaxy S20. You still have the following alternative:

Read QR Code via camera app

Open the camera app and simply scan a QR Code. If the camera icon is placed on the home screen, it may be even faster than explained in our first version.

These two methods are best suited for the Samsung Galaxy S20. Of course, you can still access a third-party app from the Google Play Store, but we recommend that you use the already integrated Samsung features.

You now know how to easily read QR Codes on the Samsung Galaxy S20.

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