Huawei average symbol Ø write with keyboard - tip

If you want to use the average character Ø in an email, SMS or WhatsApp message on your Huawei smartphone or tablet, you may not immediately find the corresponding button on your smartphone.

On the keys, this symbol, which looks like a crossed-out O and is also known as the Danish Ö, cannot be found at first.


So that you don't have to search for it any further, we will quickly explain in this How-To article where you can find the average symbol on the Huawei keyboard.

Ø Average symbol writing with the Huawei keyboard

Since most Huawei smartphones have the Swift-Key keyboard installed, this manual describes the procedure for exactly this keyboard. First you have to adjust the accented letters within the Android settings.

Activate accent letters for the keyboard

To do this, open the settings of your Huawei smartphone or tablet. Scroll down to "System" and select the entry. Next, go to "Language & Input". Open "Swift-Key Keyboard".

Select "Layout & Buttons". Then activate the slider at "Accent Letters".

Now you can write an average character Ø with the Huawei keyboard.

This is done as follows:

Writing average characters Ø with the Huawei keyboard

1. open an app where you see the keyboard, such as the email, SMS or WhatsApp application

2. press the "O" button with your finger for a long time

3. a pop-up appears with various characters, including the average character Ø.

Tap the icon to integrate it into your text.

You know the procedure to write an average symbol on a Huawei smartphone or tablet.


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