Huawei Hotspot Forgot password

 If you use a mobile Huawei Hotspot to provide Internet on the road, in your vacation home, at the lake and so on for the whole family via W-Lan, it can happen that at a certain point you cannot remember the password.

So you can't log into the admin center anymore, which is inconvenient, because the Huawei Hotspot can't be configured that way.


For this reason you must now reset the Huawei hotspot. This is done as follows:

Reset Huawei Hotspot to factory settings

1. press and hold the "Reset" button of your Huawei Hotspot for about 2 seconds until the display is switched off Use a toothpick for this purpose.

2. the Huawei hotspot is now reset to factory settings

3. connect the Huawei Hotspot to the PC via USB cable

4. now enter the following IP address in a browser of your choice:

5. the default login data for the hotspot is

  • Username: admin
  • Password: admin

You can now reassign the password via the control center of the Huawei hotspot and also adjust the SSID, i.e. the W-Lan code.


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