Huawei P40, P30, P20 Ringtone assigned per contact

 If you have a smartphone from the Huawei P40, P30 or P20 series, you can make various settings within the Android system. For example, a ringtone can be set, which can be customized using MP3, for example.


Here you may now ask yourself the following question:

Can I set an individual ringtone for each contact?

This would make it possible to determine which contact is trying to reach you by means of the ringtone.

The Huawei P40, P30 or P20 series offers you this possibility and in this article we will tell you exactly how to do this in the settings:

Set a custom ringtone for a contact

1.            Open the phone app.

2.            Navigate to "Contacts".

3.            Search for the contact where the individual ringtone should be set.

4.            Select the contact and tap the "Edit" icon.

5.            Scroll down and now select "Add more fields".

6.            You will now see "Ringtone" - Select the entry.

7.            You can now set a ringtone specifically for this contact.

8.            Save the changes to the contact.

Afterwards, when you receive a call from this one contact on the Huawei P40, P30, P20, exactly the specified ringtone will sound and not the default ringtone.

Now you know exactly how to set a ringtone per contact on a Huawei P40, P30, P20.

For example, on the Huawei P40, P30, P20 an individual ringtone is defined for each contact.

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