Indent latex text - How to do it

 If you use the word processing program "Latex" to write your bachelor thesis, master thesis or doctoral thesis, you will inevitably ask the following question

How can I indent text in Latex?


If you should also ask yourself this question at the beginning, then we would like to explain here without further ado how to indent text in latex quickly and easily.

Indent single lines in latex

The code used when indenting single lines in a Latex document is

  • \hspace*{20mm}%

This command creates a horizontal space within a line with the specified width, in this case in millimeters.

Indent the entire heel in latex

You can also indent the entire heel in latex. In this case the following command is used:

  • \parindent20mm

Now you know two different ways to indent a line or a whole paragraph in latex.How can I indent a paragraph or a line in Latex?

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