Install Samsung Galaxy S20 APK - Instructions

If you want to download an app on your Samsung Galaxy S20, for example from "APK-Mirror" to your Samsung Galaxy S20, it is necessary that you know how to install APK files.

Because unlike an installation via the Google Play Store, the installation of an APK file must first be authorized within the Android operating system.

 In the following, we describe step by step how to install an APK file on the Samsung Galaxy S20:

Install APK file - How to do it

1.            First, download an APK file, for example from APK Mirror, to your smartphone

2.            On your Samsung Galaxy S20, open the APK file to be installed via the file explorer "My Documents".

3.            A window appears in which you must now confirm that the app is to be installed from an unknown source. Info: APK files are always unknown sources, because they are installed outside the Google Play Store.

4.            Confirm the query with "Ok".

5.            The installation of the APK file starts now. This may take a few seconds.

After you performed the installation, the contents of the APK file were installed on the smartphone.

Always remember that APK files are not subject to the protection and checks of the Google Play Store. This means that you must question the source of the APK file and assess its security yourself.

Now you know the procedure to install an APK file on a Samsung Galaxy S20.


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