iOS 14 Add Google Search Widget is now possible

With the release of iOS 14 for iPhones and iPads last week, you can now add Home Screen widgets to your device. If you have not yet added a Google Search widget to your iPhone display, you can do so quickly with the help of the following instructions.


To do this, you need the Google search app on your iPhone in the first step. Install it if you have not already done so and then follow these steps:

Add Google Search Widget to your home screen - Tutorial

1. press and hold on a free space on the home screen of your iPhone or iPad

2. select the plus icon in the upper left corner to display the available widgets on the iPhone

3. search for and select the Google app within the widget gallery

4. set the widget size by sliding to the right/left

5. go to "Add Widget

6. you can now move and place the widget on the home screen.

Tap "Done" in the upper right corner when the widget is correctly positioned.

Now you know how to quickly add the new Google search widget to your iPhone.


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