iPhone - How do I add widgets to the home screen? Manual from iOS 14

Starting with iOS 14, users of an iPhone or iPad are offered a completely new user interface for the home screen, on which widgets such as calendar, activity and weather etc. can now be added. This feature, which has been known under Android for a long time, will bring great benefits to the iPhone and iPad.


The nine widgets in iOS 14 and later show you information at a glance, and as you'll see, you can position them on your home screen at will and in different sizes.

Most users have not yet placed a widget on their home screen, so here's how to add a widget to your iPhone home screen:

To add widgets to the iPhone home screen

1. press and hold a free area on the home screen as long as you want to move or drop apps As soon as the app icons start to wobble, you will see a new + symbol in the upper left corner.

 Select this to display the widget gallery. This allows you to search for widgets.

To add a widget to the home screen, tap on the desired widget. You can then browse through the different sizes that are available to you. When you have found the right size, tap on "Add Widget".

4. you can then place it on the start screen at the position where you want it to appear in the future.

Special feature: Widget stack

Starting with iOS 14, it is not only possible to place widgets on the home screen, but also to use the "Widget Stack" function.

The function creates a stack of widgets that can optionally use the device's internal intelligence to provide you with the right widget based on time, location and activity. The function uses AI and user behavior.

You can browse through the smart stack of widgets to see the different widgets.

You have the choice of placing a single widget on the home screen or a single stack of widgets that adapts to the user's habits.

So you know the widget function, which is available for iPhones and ipads from iOS 14 on.


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