iPhone How to create GIF from photos - Tutorial

You can create a GIF animation from a series of photos on your iPhone smartphone. GIFs are multiple images that are played back in rapid succession and can thus be seen as animations.

The GIF format is supported by many smartphones and is known from Instagram, WhatsApp, Threema and Giphy.


If you would like to create a GIF with your Apple iPhone, there are several ways to do so, which we explain step by step below:

Creating GIFs from Live Photos

If you use the Live Photo function on the iPhone (in the camera app in the upper right corner, the circle must be yellow), you can easily create a GIF from it. It works like this:

1. Open the iOS Photo App

2. Scroll down to "Live Photos" and open it

3. Open the photo you want to create a GIF from

4. Scroll down to see the effects.

5. Select the "Endless Loop" or "Rebound" effect here.

6. Share the GIF via WhatsApp, email, etc. The Photos App will create the GIF and then save it under "Animated".

Alternatively, you can use the following method to create a GIF:

Use shortcuts App for GIF creation

If you hold down the shutter release button in the camera app for a long time, a continuous shooting is created. With the app shortcuts you can now create a GIF from this continuous shooting.

First download the app from the iTunes Store

In addition, you also need the shortcut command:

The shortcut is automatically integrated into the shortcut app on the iPhone. Continue like this now:

1. Open the shortcut in the app

2. Select series from the Photos app

3. Select ready - The GIF will now be created, which will be shown to you afterwards.

4. You can save or split the GIF

Create GIFs with Giphy

If the above two options are too cumbersome for you, you can use Giphy. You can download Giphy from the iTunes Store. The creation of GIF's is very easy.

You now know all the possibilities to create a GIF on an iPhone.

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