iPhone images transfer to PC not possible - solved

 If you have a lot of photos and videos stored on your iPhone, then you will surely want to transfer them to your PC at some point in time so that these valuable memories are secured or can be processed further.

Now you may face the problem that after connecting the iPhone to the PC with the data cable, you will not have access to your pictures and videos.


You may receive the following error message:

  • No new pictures or videos were found on this device

In order to enable you to transfer the photos and videos from your iPhone to your PC without any problems, we have summarized different approaches to solve the problem.

Transferring pictures and videos - Fixing errors with these tips

1. iPhone is not unlocked

The iPhone should be unlocked if you want to access it with your PC, so the lock screen is no longer active. This is necessary, otherwise the internal memory will not be displayed on the PC.

2. Optimize iPhone memory

A common cause for this error is the "Optimize memory" option. You should disable it if you have problems transferring your data from an iPhone to a PC. To do this, follow the steps below by searching for settings:

  • Settings --> Memory protection --> iCloud --> Photos --> iCloud photo library

Disable "Optimize iPhone memory".

3. reset trust on the iPhone

Navigate to it on the iPhone:

  • Settings --> General --> Reset --> Location & Privacy

Now connect the iPhone to the PC again and then restore the "trust" by confirming the message "Trust this computer".

4. update software (iTunes and iOS)

What usually also helps is to update the firmware of the iPhone to the latest version or to update iTunes on the PC.

We hope that one of these tips has helped you to transfer photos and videos from an iPhone to a PC via the included USB cable.


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