iPhone not receiving calls - Troubleshooting

Some users are confronted with the problem that the iPhone cannot receive incoming calls or the phone does not ring. There are several reasons why you cannot receive calls with your iPhone, but most often there is a network fault or a setting is responsible.


In this guide we will explain how you can solve the problem of your iPhone not receiving calls yourself.

Check the DND status on your iPhone

The iPhone has a "Do not Disturb (DND)" mode installed, which is very often activated accidentally and therefore cannot receive calls anymore.

Now to turn off the Do Not Disturb mode on the iPhone, if active, simply drag down your notification window and turn off the mode (crescent shaped icon) when it is on.

Deactivate non-interference mode while driving

On the iPhone there is the possibility that you are not disturbed by calls or notifications while driving. Deactivate the option as follows:

Open the "Settings" app and navigate to "Do not disturb".

2. set the option to "Manual" at "Do not disturb while driving".

3. additionally you should disable the option "Enable with carPlay" so that DND is not automatically turned on when your iPhone is connected to carPlay.

Check your locked contacts

Sometimes it is possible that certain contacts or calls with suppressed number are automatically blocked. Check this setting as follows to see if contacts are on your blocked number list. If so, remove them.

1. open the settings.

2. go to "Phone".

3. select Locked Contacts and in the next menu, swipe left over the locked contacts and unlock them.

Are calls with suppressed number blocked?

You can have calls with a suppressed number automatically blocked. If the option is active, you will no longer be reached by certain callers, namely those who actively suppress their own phone number.

How to deactivate this function is explained here:

1. start the "Settings" app on your iPhone and navigate to the "Phone" menu

Select "Block Unknown Calls" and turn off the function if it is turned on.

Fix network connection problems quickly - use airplane mode

Network interference can sometimes cause you to stop receiving calls on your iPhone. Sometimes the problem can be solved by simply switching the aircraft mode on and off.

Activate and deactivate the airplane mode on your iPhone once and check if this solves the problem.

Reset network settings on the iPhone

Some users report that a complete reset of the network settings helped with this problem. This will remove all your network configurations at this time and restore the default network values for your iPhone.

Note: Existing Bluetooth connections and all stored W-Lan connections are also removed during this process.

Open the settings and then: General -->Reset -->Reset network settings.

Confirm the process with your password. When the reset is complete, your iPhone will automatically restart with the default network values.

Reset all iPhone settings

A full reset should be the last resort, but must be performed if the problem persists of not receiving calls. If you reset all settings, all your personalized settings will be deleted, such as pictures, videos, etc. Therefore a backup is quite useful here.

To reset all settings, navigate in iOS as follows

  • Settings --> General -->Reset -->Reset all settings.

Confirm the process and restart the smartphone.

We very much hope that one of our tips has helped you with the problem of not receiving calls on an iPhone.


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