JBL Flip speaker - Bluetooth pairing not possible

 If you want to connect your new JBL Flip speaker to a smartphone via Bluetooth, you may get the following error message on your smartphone within the Bluetooth settings right at the beginning:

  • "JBL FLIP coupling not possible

If you get this error message via the operating system of the smartphone, then it is initially not possible to listen to music via the loudspeaker box.


That's why you should use the following tip to connect the speaker system to a smartphone quickly and easily:

Connecting JBL Flip speakers successfully via Bluetooth - Tip

We recommend that you download the "JBL Flip Connect" app to successfully connect the speaker, as without this app it is sometimes not possible to establish a stable connection.

First download the "JBL Flip Connect App" from the Google Play Store.

2. open the application on your smartphone

Now use the app to search for your JBL Flip Bluetooth speaker - it must be in "Pairing Mode".  This is activated differently depending on the model.

4. the JBL Flip Connect app will now be able to find and pair your speaker.

Afterwards it is possible to play music over the Bluetooth loudspeaker just connected.

We hope you enjoy listening to music through your JBL Flip speaker.


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