JBL GO speaker LED lights red - Released

 If you notice that the LED on your JBL GO loudspeaker box is red and you can no longer hear any music, you are probably wondering what to do in order to listen to music again.

Fortunately, the error is quick and easy to correct, because all you have to do is a soft reset. This can be carried out as follows on the JBL GO speaker.

 Red LED light - How to solve the problem

Press and hold the Power button for about 20 seconds. The JBL GO speaker box will then go out and can then be restarted as normal.

This simple reset will cause the speaker box to work properly again and the status LED will no longer light up red. If this does not help, it may make sense to reset the speaker to factory settings.

Please note that all Bluetooth devices must be reconnected and paired with the JBL GO speaker box.

The following instructions describe exactly how to reset the box.

We hope that the soft reset helped you quickly and easily to solve the problem with the JBL GO speaker box and the red status LED.


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