Joomla 4.0 When will the CMS successor be released?

 Many websites are based on the well-known content management system "Joomla", which is currently available in version 3.9.19.

The next major release that many users are waiting for will be Joomla 4.0.


The development project has been running for some time now, so many webmasters will ask themselves this question now:

When will Joomla 4.0 be released as stable release?

First of all we want to present you the roadmap, which was officially published by the Joomla development team:

  • Joomla 4.0.0 Alpha 12 17 October2019
  • Joomla 4.0.0 Beta 1 30 May 2020
  • Joomla 4.0.0 RC start date not set
  • Joomla 4.0.0 Stable start date not set

According to this, the project is currently in beta phase 1 and is waiting for feedback from the community.

The duration until the stable version is difficult to estimate, because the Joomla development team depends on the help of the community and appropriate testing of the software. But this much can be said at the moment.

The plan was to release Joomla 3.10 and Joomla 4.0 in late 2019. But this was rejected, so at this point in time one can already foresee a delay in the project, which will probably take over a year.

We expect a Joomla 4.0 RC version to be released at the end of the year at the earliest and the final stable version in mid 2021.

But as already mentioned, it depends very much on the cooperation of the Joomla Community.

Which new features are integrated in Joomla 4.0?

Joomla 4.0 is intended to make working with the CMS even easier and includes the following improvements:

  • Final router optimizations.
  • Functions to improve SEO.
  • Hypermedia API (web services).
  • Improvements of the installation process
  • Revising the sample data installation
  • Multilingual editing.
  • New administrator template with minimal options.

But hopefully the biggest improvements will be noticeable in the performance. This cannot be estimated yet, as the project is still in beta phase.


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