Keep the Samsung Galaxy A50 screen on longer - Tip

The Samsung Galaxy A50 offers a high-resolution screen, which turns off after a while when the smartphone is no longer in use. This is the so-called screen timeout, which ensures that the battery life of the smartphone is maximized.


The display timeout is set at the factory to 2 minutes, but you can extend or shorten it as you wish.

Set display timeout - 15 seconds to 10 minutes

1. Open the settings on your Samsung Galaxy A50

2. Navigate further to "Display".

3. From there select "Screen Timeout".

4. Select a setting between minimum 15 seconds and maximum 10 minutes of illumination time after the last entry.

This setting will be applied directly and then used if you have made the last entry on the Samsung Galaxy A50.

With this setting, you have now determined how long the display of the Samsung Galaxy A50 should be illuminated after you have made the last entry.

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