Mi Band 5 and Band 4 cannot be connected


With the Mi Band 5 or Band 4 you have a useful fitness tracker in your luggage, which provides you with interesting fitness data and information about notifications in your everyday life. However, the device can only provide full performance when it is connected to the Mi Fit app or a smartphone.


If no Bluetooth connection can be established now, then this is a big problem as no data can be synchronized between Mi Band 5 or Band 4 and the Mi Fit app.

In this article we want to show you several tips and workarounds that will help you to establish a stable connection between Mi Band 5 or Band 4 and a smartphone.

For connection problems with your Mi Band 5 or Band 4, these tips will help

Solution 1: Reboot connected smartphone

Restart your smartphone on which the Mi Fit app is installed once. To do this, press the power button for a long time and select "Restart".  The restart will restart the Bluetooth service and also reload the Mi Fit app into the cache.

Solution 2: Uncouple and reconnect Bluetooth connection

Most of the time, connection problems appear late, which means that Mi Band 5 or Band 4 appears in the list of paired devices. Here it is helpful to disconnect the connection via Bluetooth between Mi Band 5 or Band 4 and the smartphone and then reconnect again.

To do so, navigate to the Bluetooth settings of your smartphone/iPhone and carry out the necessary steps for unlinking. You can find a sample guide for a Samsung Smartphone here:

  • Uncoupling a Bluetooth device (Samsung) and subsequent pairing

Then search for Mi Band 5 or Band 4 again with your smartphone via Bluetooth and then reconnect.

Solution 3: Reset network settings on the smartphone

Attention! All Bluetooth couplings and W-Lan connections are removed! These must then be set up again.

You can reset the network settings on your Android smartphone, which can solve problems and errors with Bluetooth. Please use this manual for this purpose:

  • Reset network settings

Solution 4: Check permissions of the MiFit app

The Mi Band 5 or Band 4 is used with the Mi Fit app. This means that the app needs all necessary permissions requested for a successful connection. It may be that you were denied rights during the setup process but now you lack them for a working connection to the app.

To check or adjust the rights, open the settings of your smartphone and search for "Apps".

2. select the entry and search for "Mi Fit" in the list of apps

3. select the app and then go to "Permissions".

Grant the app access to "Location", as this is necessary on new Android systems to use a Bluetooth connection.

After you flip the switch, restart your smartphone.

We hope that one of these tips has enabled you to connect Mi Band 5 or Band 4 to your smartphone and synchronize data.


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