Mi Band 5 and Band 4 Display does not activate when lifting

The Mi Band 5 and Band 4 can detect when you lift the strap to look at the watch with the built-in sensors. However, if the display does not activate automatically when you perform the gesture to look at the watch, this may be due to two different reasons.


Either the function is not active, or you have not correctly set the setting on which wrist you wear the tracker. Below we would like to show you how to adjust this setting within the Mi Fit app.

Raise wrist to view info - Activate

1. open the Mi Fit App.

2. go to "Profile" in the bottom right-hand corner and then to "Mi Band 5" or "Mi Band 4".

Scroll down to "Lift wrist to view info".

Now set the following settings:

  • Planned or Full-time active
  • Sensitive" reaction speed
  • Start time "7:00 o'clock" - End time "22.00 o'clock

You have now successfully configured the function and you should be able to activate the watch without any problems using the gesture shown. If this still does not work, please check that you have selected the correct wearing side for the fitness watchband.

Adjust carrying side on Mi band 5 and band 4

Navigate to the band settings again as described above. But this time select "Carrying side".

Depending on which side you prefer to wear the Fitness Bracelet, choose a setting:

  • Left wrist
  • Right wrist

This should now automatically reactivate the display when you lift Mi Band 5 and Band 4 to view the time.


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