Mi Band 5 and Band 4 Fixing connection problems to Mi Fit

The Mi Band 5 and Band 4 are used with the smartphone app "Mi Fit" app. With this app many settings can be made that cannot be made with the wristband alone. The Mi Fit app is also used for evaluation.


But what if the Mi Band 5 or Band 4 no longer connects to the app? Then we want to help you with the following tips to solve the problem as soon as possible. It works as follows:

Mi Band 5 or Band 4 is not found by Mi Fit App - Solutions

Tip 1: Bluetooth enabled on the smartphone?

First, check that you have not inadvertently deactivated Bluetooth or activated the aircraft mode. To do this, pull down the status bar on your smartphone and then check the corresponding settings.

Tip 2: Restart the bracelet

Restart the Mi tape. This usually solves all problems that may occur with the Bluetooth connection. This is done as follows:

1. activate the Mi Band 5 or Band 4

Scroll down to "More",

3. select "Settings

Touch "Reboot" to restart Mi Band 5 or Band 4.

Here again nice to see in our video:

Tip 3: Reset bracelet to factory settings

If this did not help, reset the bracelet to factory settings. Since the procedure is a bit more complex here, please follow our special instructions for this:

  • Perform factory reset on the Mi belt

Tip 4: Restart your Smartphone

Restart your smartphone if the previous tips did not help you. This can usually solve problems, especially if they originate from your smartphone.

Tip 5: Update Mi Fit software

If the Mi Fit app is not up to date, it should be updated. Check if a newer version can be installed via the Google Play Store. To do so, navigate to "My Apps and Games" in the Google Play Store and check there if an update is available for "Mi Fit".

If yes, please install the update.

We very much hope that one of the tips helped you to connect Mi Band 5 or Band 4 to the App Mi Fit.


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