Mi band 5 and band 4 heart rate monitor does not work anymore - solution

On the Mi Band 5 or Band 4 you can measure your pulse with the heart rate sensor. With the new band 5 it is even possible to measure a stress level. But now it can happen that you take a measurement, but at the end the error message is displayed with "Measurement failed".


If your Mi Band 5 or Band 4 heart rate monitor doesn't work either, then we want to help you with these tips to solve the problem quickly:

Mi Band 5 or Band 4 heart rate sensor no longer measures - Tips

Tip 1: Position of the bracelet on the wrist

The Mi Band 5 or Band 4 must fit correctly on the wrist, otherwise the heart rate measurement will not work correctly. Therefore please check the following position on your wrist:

  • The bracelet must sit over the wrist bone.
  • The bracelet must fit tightly on the wrist

If these requirements are met, then check this tip next:

Tip 2: Clean the heart rate sensor of Mi Band 5 or Band 4

Over time it can happen that the heart rate sensor of Mi Band 5 or Band 4 gets dirty and therefore a measurement of the pulse is no longer possible. Simply wipe the sensor on the underside of the bracelet with a damp cloth.

Tip 3: Hairs on the arm influence the measurement result

Especially men often have hair on their wrist, which can negatively influence a measurement. In this case it is usually helpful to remove the wrist band and reposition it.

Tip 4: Installing a new update

If a new firmware update for Mi Band 5 or Band 4 is available, please install it via the MiFit app.

We hope that these tips will help you solve the problem of heart rate measurement with your fitness bracelet.


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