Mi Band 5 and Band 4 Vibrating alarm extend individually

You can view all types of notifications on Mi Volume 5 and Volume 4, for example, from WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, etc. Each time a new message is received, the bracelet vibrates briefly.

If you want to prolong or even customize the vibration alarm, you can do so via the Mi Fit app.


The following instructions describe the exact procedure for this setting.

Extend vibration alarm on Mi Band 5 and Band 4

1. open the MiFit app on the connected smartphone

Select Profile in the lower right corner and then select your bracelet where you want to extend the vibration.

Scroll down a bit and select "Vibration".

4. you can now adjust the vibration for incoming calls, alarm clocks, app notifications, etc. Select a function.

Now tap "Add" at the bottom of the display.

6. you can now add a new vibration pattern by long tapping the bracelet icon on the display.

To prolong the vibration, simply press and hold the bracelet icon on the display for as long as you want it to vibrate. Release the icon and then immediately go to "Stop".

8. navigate to "Save" in the upper right corner

Now you have extended the vibration. You will find the extended vibration now under "User defined".

You can also create an individual vibration rhythm with this method:

Create individual vibration alarm - Mi Band 5 and Band 4

To do this, return to the "Vibration" menu and select a function again. Click Add to return to the Creator menu for vibrations.

By tapping and releasing the wristband icon, an individual vibration mode can now be created.

Select "Vibrate on device" in the lower left corner to test the created vibration mode on Mi Band 5 or Band 4.

So now you know how to extend the vibration on Mi Band 5 and Band 4 and create your own vibration pattern.


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