Mi Band 5 How do I adjust the display functions on the watch?

If you operate the Mi Band 5 and wipe the display from top to bottom or vice versa, you will see different functions such as: status, training, pulse, alerts, stress, etc.

Some of these functions you may want to reach faster than others, or you may not need some of them at all.


If you are now wondering how to rearrange, hide or add the display functions again, please use this guide:

Adjusting display functions - How to do it

1. open the MiFit app on a connected smartphone

2. select "Profile" in the lower right corner and then "Mi Smart Wristband 5".

Then go to "Screen settings" and you can adjust the individual functions on your tape.

4. press and hold a function by keeping your finger on the corresponding 3 bars for a long time

5. rearrange them or move them to the "Hidden items" section to hide them from now on.

6. select "Save" to make the changes visible on your Mi Band 5

video tutorial

To this topic we have summarized the above steps again in a video:

You now know the procedure to rearrange the individual functions on the Mi Band 5 display or to hide them.


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