Mi Fit App hangs up or does not start - Solution


In order to use Mi series fitness trackers such as Mi Band 5, Band 4, etc., you must connect them to the "Mi Fit" app. This app collects all collected data and prepares them in such a way that you can monitor and evaluate your fitness.


If you now start the Mi-Fit app on your Android smartphone or iPhone, it can happen that it hangs up, closes immediately after starting or does not start correctly at all.

If this is also the case for you, please use these steps to solve the problem quickly.

1. restart the smartphone

In any case, the first thing you should do is to restart your smartphone or iPhone. The restart will reload the app data, which may cause the app to work as usual again.

2. update Mi Fit App

If a newer app version of the Mi Fit app is available in the Google Play Store or iTunes Store, please perform the update. Open the Google Play Store and navigate to "My Apps". Search for the Mi Fit app there and tap the "Update" button.

Proceed equivalently in the iTunes Store on your iPhone.

3. empty the cache of the app

If this did not help, you have to empty the cache of the app now.

Navigate as follows:

  • Homescreen --> App menu --> Settings --> Apps/ Application manager --> Apps Etc. (menu navigation slightly different depending on the smartphone)

Search for "Mi Fit" in the list of apps and now open the app info (tap the entry once). Open the "Memory" entry and select "Empty Cache".

4. uninstall and reinstall the app

As a last tip you should try to completely uninstall the app "Mi Fit" once and then install it again. This has had the effect for some users that the app could then be opened and used normally again.

We hope that with these tips you will be able to use your Mi Fit app as usual.


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