Mi volume 5 and volume 4 does not count steps - solution


The Mi Band 5 and 4 is one of the most successful fitness trackers currently on the market. This is due to the extremely good price/performance ratio.


If you now use one of these trackers to count your steps, it may not work properly.

So if the steps are not displayed correctly on Mi Band 5 and 4, then something is wrong with the integrated pedometer. Most of the time there is no serious problem, so we want to help you to fix the error with the steps:

Pedometer does not work properly on Mi band 5 and 4 - Resolved

Note: Steps are only counted from step 10 onwards

Before we start with the solution tips, here is the hint that the steps are currently only transferred to the app or displayed on the fitness tracker from step 10 on. This is to avoid wrong steps. But if, for example, you only take a few steps (less than 10) per gait in the office, then unfortunately these steps are not recorded.

Solution variant 1: Update firmware

First of all we recommend you to update the firmware of Mi Band 5 and 4. To do this, install the Xiaomi Mi Fit app on a connected smartphone and start it.

During synchronization between the App and Xiaomi Mi Band 4, the new firmware is then uploaded to the fitness band.

Solution variant 2: Update "Mi-Fit" app

If you have already installed the app "Mi-Fit", please check now if there is an update available. Open the Google Play Store and check under "My Apps" if there is an update available for installation. If so, please install it.

Solution variant 3: Reset to factory settings

1. activate the Xiaomi Mi Band 5

2. open the Mi fit app on the connected smartphone

3. navigate in the Mi Fit app to "Profile" and then to "MI Band 5

Scroll down to the bottom and select "Unpair".

5. log out of your Mi Fit account

6. swipe on the screen from bottom to top to see more options.

7. navigate to the menu "Reset Settings

8. confirm the reset to factory settings by pressing and holding the button under the Xiaomi Mi Band 5 display for a few seconds

Solution variant 4: Motion sensor defective

Unfortunately, in the end a technical defect cannot be excluded, so it makes sense to make use of the warranty of the fitness tracker. To do so, please contact the seller of the product or directly the customer support of the manufacturer Xiaomi.


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