Mi Volume 5 and Volume 4 Install and delete Watchface

The Mi Band 5 and Mi Band 4 have a color display, which can show different dials, so-called watchfaces.  Three Watchfaces are installed ex works.


If this is not enough, you can find a lot more Watchfaces via the Mi Fit App.

In this article we would like to explain how to install and use another Watchface on Mi Band 5 or Mi Band 4.

Install new dials on the wristband via the Mi Fit app - How it works

1. first open the Mi Fit app on a connected smartphone

Navigate to "Profile" in the lower right corner and then to your added bracelet where the new dial should be installed.

3. select "Shop" at the top

4. choose a dial Most of them are free, but there are also watchfaces that require payment.

5. click the button "Synchronize dial".

The Watchface is now downloaded and then transferred directly to your Mi Band 5 or Mi Band 4 and displayed there.

Now you have installed a new Watchface on your Mi Band.

The whole thing again in the video:

After some time you have installed several Watchfaces on the tape and now you want to delete one or more of them? Then please proceed as follows:

Erase Watchface on Mi Band 5 or Mi Band 4

1. activates the Mi band 5 or Mi band 4

2. scroll to "More" and select the entry

3. go to "Band Display" and scroll to the Watchface you want to remove

4. selects the small minus symbol in the upper right corner

The additionally installed dial is now deleted from your fitness bracelet.

Now you know the necessary steps to install or delete a new Watchface on Mi Band 5 or Mi Band 4.


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