Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 Pause via key? How to do it

If you want to take a break in Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020, there are several ways to do so.

On the one hand, there is the active pause, where the aircraft is frozen but the environment such as clouds, other air traffic, etc. simply continues.


This pause function, which is activated via the standard pause button, should only be used in the simulator to make minor adjustments in the cockpit.

Then there is the pause function via the ESC key, which brings you to the menu.

Neither of the above-mentioned pause functions are suitable for taking screenshots in flight, for example.

The third pause possibility, which players of Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 know from previous simulations, is not available. The pause option we are talking about pauses the whole simulation and allows to take screenshots and use the 360° panoramic view.

Real pause on the P key - Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020

To make sure you can pause the simulation properly, we have written the following instructions to assign a pause to the P key:

1. opens the control settings of Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020

Select "Keyboard".

Set the filter to "All".

4. searches now for "Pause ON" or "Pause OFF".

5. now assign the following keys to the respective function:

  • "Pause ON" --> key "P".
  • "Pause OFF" --> key "CTRL+P

Now you have defined the real pause on the P key for your Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020.

So now you can take screenshots, use the 360° camera, take a longer break without having to worry about something happening to your flight.


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