Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 search for updates hangs - Error

The Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 is an absolute highlight for many computer gamers. No wonder, because the simulation for the PC has been around for 38 years.


If you have Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 installed on your PC, you might have problems with the update search at the first start. Because almost 90 GB still have to be downloaded and installed before you can take off.

Here it can happen that the Flightsimulator hangs endlessly in the loop and does not find any updates. So the screen is frozen.

If this applies to you, please use the following workaround:

Loading bar stagnates and it does not go on - Tips for Flight Simulator 2020

Tip 1: Exit the program in the Task Manager

Opens the Task Manager and closes the Flightsimulator by clicking on "End Process". Connect restarts the program and tries again.

Tip 2: Run as administrator

Close the program and open it again by right-clicking on the game executable file and selecting 'Run as administrator'.

Tip 3: Update graphics card driver

Check if a current driver update is available for your graphics card. Please navigate as follows:

  • Device Manager --> Graphics Card --> Right click on the dedicated graphics card --> Update Driver --> Automatic Search

If the latest available update is available for download and has not yet been installed, it will now be automatically downloaded and installed.

Tip 4: Disable firewall

Turn off your firewall and test if the download can be executed by Flightsimulator afterwards.


Especially after the release or after a major update of Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 it can happen that the servers cannot cope with the load. Here it helps to start the download again at a later time.

We hope that one of our tips helped you get up in the air with Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020. Have fun and always a good flight.


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