Mouse pointer extends beyond the edge of the screen - Solution

When you move your mouse over the desktop, you may notice that the mouse pointer moves to one side of the screen border and then over it. So you can move the mouse in this direction to infinity.


This is of course not correct, because the mouse should only ever be moved to the edge of the screen. But why is it now possible that the mouse pointer extends beyond the edge of the screen on one side?

Here is the answer:

Disable moving the mouse pointer over the border

The reason for this phenomenon is that under Windows a second display is set up in the display settings. You must now disable the following setting when using it on a monitor:

  • Extend desktop on this monitor

This is done as follows:

1. go to the magnifying glass symbol in the lower left corner and search for "Display settings".

2. select the following item from the drop-down menu for "Multiple screens

  • Show on 1 only

You have now made the necessary settings so that the mouse pointer no longer extends beyond the edge of the desktop.


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