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If you use the gaming service provider "Steam" on your Windows PC, games you download will be saved by default on the hard drive with the drive letter C:.

If you want to move a game in Steam due to space restrictions, the following instructions will show you exactly how to do this:


Moving a Steam game to another hard drive - Instructions

1. opens the Steam Client.

2. navigates to "Steam" --> Settings --> Downloads --> Steam library folder in the upper left corner.

3. selects Add directory.

4. selects the location on the new hard disk.

5. leave the settings and return to the home page where you can see your game titles

6. use the right mouse button to select the title you want to move.

7. choose "Properties" from the context menu and then "Local Files".

Select "Move installation directory". You can now use a drop-down menu to specify the new location you created before.

9. navigates to "Move directory" to initiate the process.

Depending on the size of the file, this process may take some time, but after that the data is moved and you have enough disk space available again.

Now you know the necessary steps to move a game from one hard disk to another within the Steam platform.

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