Nintendo Switch Controller no longer connects Released

 The Nintendo Switch is one of the most popular consoles in consumer electronics. If you own such a console and now want to connect the Nintendo Switch Controller, it may happen that no more connection can be established.


If this is the case with your console, then we would like to help you with the following tips to solve the problem quickly so that you can play titles like Mario or Zelda again.

Solutions that help when the controller can no longer be connected

Since the cause is not always the same, we have listed various workarounds below:

Distance between controller and console too high

If you sit too far away from the console with your controller, you may experience connection problems or disconnections. This can be remedied by shortening the distance. Just sit closer to the console.

Battery of the Nintendo Switch Controller too low

If the battery power of the controller decreases, the controller may not be able to establish a connection. Therefore connect the controller to the console to recharge it.

Airplane mode is activated?

If the Nintendo Switch's Airplane mode is active, you will not be able to connect via Bluetooth etc., as all wireless connections are disabled in this mode.

To turn off the Airplane Mode of the Nintendo Switch, click on the Settings icon in the Nintendo Switch's home menu and select the "Airplane Mode" menu item.

Other devices interfere with the reception of the Nintendo Switch

Other devices, such as microwave ovens, smart speakers, etc., may cause interference and the controller cannot be paired with your Nintendo switch. Check if such a device is nearby and then remove it for a test to see if this is the fault.

Too many controllers were connected to the Nintendo Switch

A maximum of 10 controllers can be taught to the Nintendo Switch. This means that when learning an eleventh one. Controller another controller is forgotten. If this happened to you, you have to reconnect the controller to the console.

We hope that one of the tips has helped you solve the problem with the controller connection to your Nintendo switch.


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