No SIM card detected - Fix error under Android

On an Android smartphone it can sometimes happen that you get an error message on the display which says that the sim card was not recognized. This means that you cannot make calls or use the mobile internet.


Most of the time there is no gross error when you see this error message and that's why we want to show you with this guide different tips how to fix the Sim card error.

No SIM card detected - solve error on Android phone

Go through the tips one by one until the Sim card works as usual.

Restarting the smartphone

A reboot will fix many problems with a smartphone. Therefore, press and hold the power button once until the power menu is displayed. Then select "Restart".

Remove SIM and reinsert it again

Sometimes it can happen that the Sim card slips and therefore cannot be recognized correctly. In this case it helps to remove the Sim card sled once and then put it back in. Use the included Sim card tool. Make sure that the Sim card is correctly seated in the card slot of the sled and then push it carefully back into the phone.

Aircraft Mode

You can also try to switch the aircraft mode on and off. This will update all network settings and might fix the sim map problem as well. So drag the status bar from top to bottom and tap the aircraft mode button. Then wait a few seconds and activate it again.

Boot to safe mode

In some cases, a third-party application may also conflict with the network settings of your device. The best way to check this is to boot your device into safe mode. If you do this, all third-party applications will be disabled.

Android system update

A firmware update can also help to solve problems with the Sim card. To do so, go to the settings and search for "Software Update". Start the search and install an update if it is available.

Reset network settings

By resetting the network settings, the problem with the undetected Sim card can also be solved. Navigate to:

  • Settings --> General --> Reset --> Reset network settings

Note: You must then reconfigure the WLAN connections and Bluetooth.

We hope that one of these tips helped you to solve the problem with the unrecognized Sim card.


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