Oppo Find X2 Enable USB Debugging - Solution

 USB debugging allows you to connect to the computer on Oppo Find X2 in an optimized way. This allows you to get better access to the smartphone for testing when programming apps as a developer.


Most of you will probably never use USB debugging for this, but we will show you why this feature is not only interesting for developers.

USB debugging also optimizes the connection between your Windows PC or MAC and Oppo Find X2. So if your Oppo Find X2 is not recognized by your PC, it may work after activating USB debugging.

Therefore we will now explain how to enable USB debugging on Oppo Find X2 to optimize the USB connection. But first you have to activate the developer menu.

To do this, open the menu and then the settings from the home screen. Scrolls down to the entry "Info/ Via phone" and selects the entry.

You can now see various information about your Oppo Find X2. Among other things you will find the entry "Build-Number" or "Version". You have to tap on this entry several times in a row. This will unlock the developer options on Oppo Find X2, which can be found in the settings.

If you have activated the developer options on Oppo Find X2, open them under:

  • Menu --> Settings

The developer options must now be activated via the master controller. Then scroll down until you can see "USB Debugging". Activate the option with the slider.

If you now connect a USB cable to Oppo Find X2 and connect it to the PC, then USB debugging is automatically enabled. Your PC should now recognize the smartphone without problems and you should be able to access the files.


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