Optimize Samsung Galaxy S20, S10, A51 fingerprint sensor in the display

The smartphone models Samsung Galaxy S20, S10 and A51 have a fingerprint sensor intrigued in the display, with which you can quickly and safely unlock your smartphone. However, with fingerprint recognition, sometimes the recognition and processing of the fingerprint may be delayed and therefore appear very slow.


A quick unlocking of the smartphone is therefore not possible.

That's why we want to introduce a tip for the Samsung Galaxy S20, S10, A51 today, which optimizes and speeds up the unlocking process with the optical fingerprint sensor under the display.

Samsung Galaxy S20, S10 and A51 fingerprint sensor - speed up unlocking

1. open the settings of your Samsung Galaxy S20, S10 and A51

2. navigate to "Apps" and then to the three-point symbol in the upper right corner.

3. select Show system applications from the context menu

4. search for the entry "com.samsung.android.biometrics.app.settings" and select it

5. continue on: Battery --> Optimize battery consumption.

6. go to "Apps not optimized" in the Dop-Down menu and select "All

7. search again for "com.samsung.android.biometrics.app.settings

8. disable the slider

9. restart the Samsung Galaxy S20, S10 and A51

Afterwards, unlocking via the optical fingerprint sensor of the Samsung Galaxy S20, S10 and A51 should work much faster than before.


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