PC must be restarted for audio over headphones - solved

It can happen that your Windows computer does not produce sound whenever you connect headphones via USB and the sound is still output through the speakers.

Only a restart of the computer will result in the audio output via the headphones.


If this error description also applies to your PC and headphones, then we want to help you address and solve the problem with this guide.

Fix audio problems with headset - Windows

Tip 1: Enable headset as default audio

Activate your headset as the default output device for audio. To do this, please navigeiren as follows in Windows:

  • Settings --> Bluetooth & other devices --> Sound settings

Set "Speakers/Headphones" as the default output device. Even if the headphones are not connected, this setting is retained.

The next time the headset is plugged in, the audio output should then automatically be through the headphones again.

Tip 2: Connect headset via audio output if possible

Many USB headsets also have a 3.5 mm jack connector to connect to the computer's sound card. Try using this connector instead of the USB.

Tip 3: Reinstall headset driver

Remove the headset drivers in Device Manager and then reinstall them.

Open the Device Manager in Windows by typing "Device Manager" in the search field in the lower left corner and selecting the entry.

2. expand the Sound, Video and Game Controllers section of the menu.

3. go to the headset driver with the right mouse button and select "Uninstall".

4. check "Delete driver for this software" and confirm the process with "Ok".

One of these three tips will hopefully help you to output audio through the headphones instead of the speaker without the need to restart your Windows PC.


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