Perform OnePlus Nord Wipe Cache Partition

Many problems can be solved on the OnePlus North with a wipe cache partition. Be it a slow operating system, a battery that gets hot, connection problems etc. By deleting the cache partition, it is rebuilt and the system is optimized.


If you would like to know how to optimize the OnePlus North using a wipe cache partition, the following instructions will help you:

Optimization by Wipe Cache Partition - Necessary steps

1. switch off the OnePlus North completely. (Hold down the Power button until the smartphone shuts down)

2. press the power button and the volume button on your smartphone simultaneously for a few seconds

3. if you see a OnePlus logo, please release the key combination

Navigate to the menu item "Recovery Mode" using the volume key.

5. select the entry by pressing the power key once. You are now in the recovery menu.

6. use the Volume keys to go to the "Wipe Cache Partition" option and press the Power key to start the process

7. the process will now take about 1 second and then show you the previous menu.

Select "Reset Now" to restart the device.

The OnePlus North will now run much smoother and faster. The optimization by the wipe cache partition should always be done after a firmware update, because then it makes most sense to rebuild the cache partition.


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