Performing a Amazfit Firmware Update - Instructions

If you are using an Amazfit Smartwatch or fitness wrist watch, it is advisable to check from time to time to see if a new firmware update is available that adds to the watch's range of functions and improves its stability.


If you don't know how to perform a firmware update for an Amazfit watch at the moment, this article should help you.

Updating Amazfit firmware explained simply

There are two ways to bring your Amazfit watch up to date Via the connected smartphone or the watch itself. We have summarized both variants for you here:

Option 1: Update via Smartphone

1.            Open the Amazfit App on your Bluetooth connected smartphone

2.            Now navigate to "Profile" and then to "My watch

3.            Continue to "Further clock settings".

4.            Now select "System Update" here

It will now search the Huami servers for new firmware available for your Amazfit Smartwatch. If this is the case, the new software will be offered to you for download and installation. Follow the wizard on the display to perform all further steps for the update.

Variant 2: Carry out firmware update via the clock

Activate your Amazfit Smartwatch

Now navigate on the clock to the following submenu:

  • Settings --> System and Security --> System Update

Prerequisite: A connection to a smartphone with the Amazfit app must be established via Bluetooth.

If a newer version has been found, install it on your Amazfit Smartwatch.

You now know of two different ways of updating the firmware of your Amazfit Smartwatch.

How is the firmware of an Amazfit Smartwatch or fitness watch updated?

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