PremiumSim phone calls are disconnected - Note

If you have signed your mobile phone contract with the provider PremiumSim, you will notice that calls are terminated or automatically disconnected after a certain time.

Especially during a customer call or when talking to a friend on the phone, it can be annoying if the call is interrupted immediately.


Here we will now ask ourselves the question:

 Why are phone calls interrupted with PremiumSim?

This is always the case if you call for more than 120 minutes. Here PremiumSim has integrated an automatic interruption of the telephone connection.

Unfortunately, there is also no setting here to extend the phone time until the automatic disconnection over the 2 hours.

Accordingly, you simply have to call your telephone partner again after the time runs out, even if this is more annoying than pleasant.

Now you know the reason why the telephone connection is automatically disconnected after a period of 2 hours when calling with PremiumSim.


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