Prevent iPhone from turning off the screen - Tip

Sometimes you would like to use the function on your iPhone that the screen stays on and is not automatically turned off. Because maybe you are checking a checklist, working on an important document or looking at a diagram etc.


So if you are annoyed by the timeout function of your iPhone, we would like to help you address the problem with this article. Because in this article we will explain how you can prevent the iPhone screen from switching off automatically.

How to prevent your iPhone screen from turning off

1. open your iPhone settings.

2. go to Display & Brightness.

Scroll down and tap Auto-Lock.

Note: If you have activated the energy saving mode, the automatic lock is set to 30 seconds by default.

Under the Auto-Lock setting, a list of time options is displayed. This determines how long your screen should remain on.

5. if you want your iPhone display to never turn off, you must select the "Never" option.

Now you know the necessary steps to deactivate the automatic switch-off of the display on your iPhone so that it is constantly illuminated.


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