"Processing failed" when logging in with Samsung Account

When you try to log in to your Samsung Galaxy account on your Samsung Galaxy smartphone, you may receive the following error message on the phone's display:


Processing failed - If you see this error message and you get it every time you try to log in to your Samsung account, then there is a problem with the app, which can be solved very quickly as follows

Samsung Experience Service - Remove updates

The solution to the problem is very simple, you just need to know which adjustment blades need to be machined to solve the problem. In the case of "Processing failed", you need to remove the updates in the Samsung Experience Service.

Please follow our step by step instructions:

1. Open the Android settings of your Samsung Galaxy smartphone

2. Now navigate to Apps.

3. Select the three-point icon in the top right corner and then "Show system applications".

4. Search for "Samsung Experience Service" and select the entry

Navigate to the three dots and then select "Remove Updates".

This will now cause your Samsung phone to stop displaying the "Processing failed" error message.

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