Read out Samsung Galaxy production date - Tip

 Do you want to know when your Samsung Galaxy was produced? Then it is supposedly not so easy to find out.


Because the information is not printed on it, but can only be read with the help of special software.

If you still have the production date read out on your Samsung Galaxy smartphone, then we would like to show you below how to proceed exactly:

When was my Samsung Galaxy produced? Find out the date!

To do this, download the "Phone Info" app from the Google Play Store. You will find the download link below:

  • Download Phone Info for Samsung

After you have installed the app, you can easily get information about the production date.

Under the tab "General" you can now see the date of manufacture and also in which country the device was produced. The date is read from right to left.

Now you know how to quickly check for your Samsung Galaxy smartphone when it was produced.


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