Recording Instagram Reels - Instructions

 Instagram offers a good alternative to TikTok with the so called "Reel" function. With Reels it is also possible to record short video sequences with a maximum of 15 seconds and post them in the story.


If you have not yet discovered the function in your Instagram profile, you can create such a reel using our instructions below. Please proceed as follows:

Recording Instagram Reel - How to do it

1. open the Instagram app on your smartphone

2. wipe once to the left, as if you were posting a story

3. select "Reels" from the menu bar at the bottom

4. you can now create video recordings or individual sequences and then back them up with music.

You can do all this with reels

You can create a series of clips or a whole video within a reel, or select a video from the gallery.

Afterwards the short video clip can be adjusted using the editing tool. So you can add music or other effects like filters to the short video or overlay them. Slow motion or a faster playback of the clip is also possible.

So you know the procedure to add reels to Instagram.


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