Redmi Note 9s W-Lan Problems solved - Solved

 If you use a Redmi Note 9s smartphone and surf the Internet with it, this can sometimes cause problems. So after switching to stand-by mode the W-Lan connection is simply disconnected after 15 - 20 minutes.


This of course results in no WhatsApp messages or emails etc. being received. The question that many Redmi Note 9s users are now asking is how to fix the W-Lan problems.

Firmware Update fixes error

Redmi has given the Note 9s a firmware which quickly fixes the w-lan problems. Therefore we recommend you to download and install the latest firmware update via the system settings.

1. open the settings.

2. navigate to "My Device

Select "Software Update".

4. a new software is now being searched for - if it is found, please install it on the Redmi Note 9s.

Now you know the solution for the W-Lan problem with your Redmi Note 9s.


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