Reset Google Stadia Controller - Resolved

The Google Stadia Controller is used to play games via the "Stadia" platform. It is possible that the controller malfunctions, cannot be connected or other problems occur.


In order to get a solution to the above mentioned problems as soon as possible, it makes sense to reset the Google Stadia Controller to factory settings. In the following we would like to describe to you how to proceed best.

Stadia Controller Perform Factory Reset - Instruction

To start the process, press the following two buttons simultaneously for about 6 seconds:

  • Google Assistant button
  • Record button

The controller should now vibrate briefly, indicating that it has been reset to factory settings.

Possible connection problems with the controller or other disturbances should be a thing of the past.

We hope that resetting to factory defaults helped to play with the Google Stadia Controller again.


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