Reset Oppo Find X2 Pro to factory settings

There are two reasons why you should reset Oppo Find X2 Pro to factory settings. If the smartphone has fundamental problems with the Android system, for example, if it can no longer be operated properly, has a high battery consumption or gets hot.


Or you simply want to sell the smartphone again and therefore restore the delivery status. Either way, in the following instructions we will show you how to reset the Oppo Find X2 Pro to factory settings via the Android system.

Perform factory reset on Oppo Find X2 Pro

1. open the Android settings of your Oppo Find X2 Pro

2. navigate to "Personal" and continue to "Backup

3. Now select "Reset to factory settings".

If you do not see "Personal", this is due to the installed Android version. Try instead:

  • Via the phone --> Memory --> Backup and restore --> Reset to factory settings.

4. you will now be informed again that this process will delete all data on your smartphone. If you are sure, please confirm the process.

5. enter your unlock method to finally confirm and perform the factory reset

The Oppo Find X2 Pro will now be reset to factory defaults and the operating system will be restored to the state in which you first received the smartphone.


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