Reset UE Boom or Megaboom - Instructions


If you have a UE Boom or Megaboom Bluetooth speaker, you may have problems connecting to another device such as a smartphone or tablet.

If all else fails, you will have to reset the speaker to factory settings.


To do this, you must perform the following individual steps on the UE Boom or Megaboom:

Perform factory reset on the UE Boom or Megaboom

1. switch on the loudspeaker with the power key.

Now press and hold the following key combination for about 10 seconds:

  • Volume Lower
  • Power button

3. you will now hear a beep and the speaker will automatically turn off.

Now switch the loudspeaker on again - this completes the reset to factory settings.

The factory reset on a UE Boom or Megaboom Bluetooth loudspeaker is thus quickly and easily done in a few minutes. The connection to another one is established via Bluetooth and playing the music should now be possible without problems.


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