Resetting the Toniebox to factory settings - Instructions

 Sometimes you get to the point where you want or need to reset your toning box to factory settings. This is always the case when the box no longer works properly or is to be sold.


If you now want to reset the tonebox to the basic settings and delete all contents, please follow the steps below:

Perform factory reset on the tonebox and delete all data

If you have set up the Toniecloud, then first follow these steps: Log in to via an internet browser and remove the toniebox under "Tonieboxes". Afterwards you can start with the factory reset:

1.            Place the Toniebox in the charging station so that it is charged.

2.            Now turn the box including the charger upside down

3.            Now hold both ears simultaneously for 10 seconds.

4.            You will now hear a sound signal. The box will then switch off.

The factory reset has been carried out and all data on it has been deleted.

Take the box out of the charging station and put it back in. The Welcome Wizard will play.

Now you know the necessary steps to reset the Toniebox to factory settings.

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