Rush Wars When is the game coming to the smartphone? Never!

Rush Wars is a game that Supercell announced last year and should join a successful game series of Clash Royal, Hayday, Brawl Stars, Clash of Clans etc. The game was very quickly distributed as a beta to the players so that they could understand and test the game's principle and logic.


The beta release was in August last year and many players now want to know when "Rush Wars" from Supercell will finally be released.

Release date for the final Rush Wars version?

The answer to the question about a final release must unfortunately be answered with "Never".

The developers announced in November 2019 that Rush Wars will be discontinued. The main reason for the stop can be taken from the blog post as follows:

"We have heard your feedback that the game is repeating itself and we have made some changes to it with some updates. However, the changes we have made have not helped the game in the long run, nor have they changed the game style to make it as much fun as we would like it to be.

Source: Supercell Blog

Accordingly, there will be no more Rush Wars for smartphones in the future. But Supercell will not wait long to come up with a new game, which hopefully will excite more players than Rush Wars did.

When will Supercell's Rush Wars finally come to your smartphone? Is there a date for the final release?

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