Samsung Galaxy A51 charger Check the connection

 It may happen that the Samsung Galaxy A51 displays an error message on the screen when you connect the phone with the charger cable. This is as follows:


"Check the connection of the charger - Make sure that the cable and the charger are properly connected".

If you are wondering why the error is displayed, there are several reasons for this error message:

Missing connection of the charger - causes and your solution

In the following we have compiled various error solutions for you:

Cable on charger not plugged in properly

Check that the USB plug at the end of the charging cable is properly plugged into the USB port of the power supply. If it is loose, plug it firmly into the port.

Check that the charging cable is correctly inserted into the USB C port of the smartphone and is not loose. It is also possible that the cable has not been plugged in tightly enough. check the connection.

Cable break at the charging cable

A possible cable break can be detected by an optical inspection for kinks, cracks etc. Should such a cable break be present, the cable must be replaced immediately.

Power plug defective

A defective power plug or a defective USB connection on the cable can also be the cause for the error message described above.


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